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Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our dynamic range of cutting-edge services, specially curated to supercharge your financial and crypto adventure. At Masternoded, we’re on a mission to completely revolutionize the decentralized finance sphere, ensuring you embark on a thrilling journey filled with seamless transactions and rock-solid security across an exciting array of offerings. Get ready to dive into the future of crypto finance with us!



Embark on a journey that began in the exhilarating days of Q4 2017, when the novel concept of Masternoding sparked our imagination. Fuelled by months of exhilarating experimentation, our audacious venture took its first steps in 2019, as we playfully dipped our toes into the world of masternoding alongside a close-knit circle of friends and family. Fast-forward to 2021, and we flung wide open the gates to curious minds beyond our inner circle.

Introducing Masternoded, the electrifying platform that turns the tide, empowering individuals to ride the wave of passive income by crafting server nodes, Masternodes, and Validator nodes for a spectrum of blockchains. Now, in a thrilling leap forward five years in the making, we’re about to unveil a marvel: a non-custodial, decentralized wallet/App designed to quell the industry’s security and control qualms. Picture this: your crypto finds a home, snugly connecting to your hardware wallet. Stake your digital treasures, erect a validator node, hoist a masternode, or plunge into other Node pools, all while raking in passive income with a few effortless clicks. No crypto-shuffling hassle, no transfers required. This, dear enthusiasts, is precisely what the industry yearned for and what we’ve passionately fashioned.


Why Masternoded?

Secure and Transparent

Get ready to experience the thrill of security like never before! Our cutting-edge blockchain platform is here to ignite your excitement with transactions that shine a spotlight on transparency, all while providing an ironclad fortress for your valuable assets.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Hold onto your excitement hats, because our platform is about to blow your away! We’re harnessing the absolute latest in blockchain wizardry to gift you an experience that’s not just smooth, but turbocharged with efficiency.


Buckle up for a pulse-pounding DeFi adventure tailor-made just for you with Masternoded at the helm! Dive headfirst into a world where our interface is more than just intuitive – it’s a turbocharged ride of user-friendly features that transform navigating the DeFi landscape into an exhilarating breeze.

Industry Experience

Since 2018, Masternoded has been on a thrilling journey, serving clients both partially and completely. Even during tough time like the double whammy of COVID and the Crypto Winter, guess what? We didn’t just survive – we thrived! Those challenges only made our team stronger and our technology even cooler.

Masternoded Services

Our Services


Unleash the magic of staking with us! When you stake your cryptocurrencies, you effortlessly earn passive income. Our super-easy staking solutions bring you the best rewards and  returns, all while your precious assets stay super safe in our special wallet that you control.


Ready to swap tokens? Our super strong swap protocol makes sure exchanging tokens is as smooth as a breeze. It boosts liquidity and lets you dive into all sorts of exciting chances in the DeFi world.


Set the power of masternoding free, the easy way! With our platform, you can jump right into the action of DeFi and liquidity. It’s your ticket to thrilling chances for passive income and a starring role in the exciting world of blockchain.

Real time Validator Nodes

Masternoded stands for decentralization and security above all. That’s why we’ve made providing and creating validator nodes super simple. Just a few clicks from your hardware wallet, web, or hot wallet and you’re actively boosting network security, shaping the incredible future of blockchain technology.

Real Time money transfer

Masternoded knows how crucial it is to have fast and safe money transfers, especially to and from Africa. Our platform will make real-time transactions a breeze, allowing you to send and receive funds anytime, anywhere, without a hitch. With our APIs and blockchain technology, countless businesses across Africa will tap into a world of economic possibilities, enjoying smooth financial transactions they’ve been waiting for.

Cross-border lending

Envisioning the road ahead, we’re dedicated to supporting the countries involved in the African free trade agreement. By 2026, our revolutionary cross-border lending platform will kick off, igniting economic growth and financial inclusion across the entire region. Say goodbye to worries about distance or currency – our leading platform will bridge the gap for founders and investors, making connections seaour lending platform will bridge the gap for founders and investors, making connections seamlessly via the trusted Masternoded platform.

Liquidity Pools

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Masternoded and unleash the boundless horizons of liquidity pools. Here, your crypto treasures hold the key to a realm of extraordinary passive income potential, empowered by the cutting-edge Masternoded technology and bespoke pools. Backed by half a decade of expertise, our platform, wallet, and apps offer a seamless, click-and-connect experience, all while entrusting you with the safeguarding of your assets in self-custody crypto liquidity pools. Tailored for diversity and optimized for maximal returns, Masternoded opens the door to a world where every click leads to earnings beyond imagination.

Masternoded Milestones

How far we have come

How We Are Faring Now

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Token Distribution

  • Q1 2023

    Architectural design for wallet, swap and App Token design

  • Q2 2023

    Consultations on tokenomics and sustainability Design Validator APIs for various chains

  • Q3 2023

    Develop App and Wallet framework. Begin Work on Token smart contracts. Launch public sale.

  • Q4 2023

    Increase team Begin work on Validator connector.

  • Q1 2024

    List token on Dexes List on CEX Begin preparations to launch Wallet and App

  • Q2 2024

    Secure strategic Partnerships for Defi Pools Begin Work on Masternoded Swap

  • Q3 2024

    Launch Masternoded Wallet Launch Masternoded Swap Test Validator connector.

  • Q4 2024

    Design of CeDeFi Pools Test non-custodial api with different chains and protocols.

  • Q1 2025

    Launch Multi-Chain Node/Validator Api and connector Release Liquidity aggregator into wallet and App.

  • Q2 2025

    Launch multi-chain liquidity offerings via Wallet and App

  • Q3 2025

    Integrate Social interactions into Wallet and App Design Market Place for peer to peer fiat/crypto lending Begin development of market place

  • Q4 2025

    Integrate mobile payment service compatibility into wallet/App Bridge cross border lending for the African Free Trade Nations.
  • Q1 2026

    Strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and global expansion.

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Get ready to hop on board an exhilarating adventure into the dazzling future of decentralized finance! Embrace the endless opportunities of staking, masternoding, validator nodes, swapping, cross-border lending, and lightning-fast money transfers. Brace yourself for the full-throttle potential of blockchain technology with Masternoded. Start your journey today and open the door to a universe of financial possibilities that's waiting just for you!

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