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Hello everyone,

Often, we get asked by clients ‘how much will I be making every month if I invest with’

This question is a very valid question and deserves an explicit answer, hence why today we will address this question in a manner that will satisfy you.

To understand how much you will earn a month, lets first look at what Masternoded does and how. As you know we are not a crypto investment company neither are we a fund management company, we are simply a server provider in the blockchain industry. Our servers are both cloud based and physical. Our team of engineers build these servers and configure them with specialised algorithms which then enables these servers to perform certain functions on the blockchain like validation of transactions, governance of the chain ecosystem and voting in that ecosystem. This enables the blockchain of choice to run efficiently without any deficiencies and as such bringing trust and adoption of the blockchain.

Once these servers are built or developed, Masternoded deploys them across its many partner platforms and companies. The partners use these servers to create Masternodes or do masternoding, they can also stake on these servers or use in governance. These partners then pay a rental income on a monthly basis based on the terms agreed for their rental.

So, when you come to and set up a server, the above process takes place and that is how you get your rental income on a monthly basis.

Now, how much you earn per month is dependent on a few factors:

  1. The size of your server: This is determined by the specs built into your server like the processing speed, the capacity, ram etc. The bigger the server the more the potential yields. For example, a €250 server cannot perform at the same rate as a €25,000 server. Therefore, the bigger the server the more you earn.
  2. The usage of your server: Like every server the usage is never fixed a month. In some months you produce more data and in other months smaller amounts of data. The more the data produced, the higher the usage and the more that is paid in rental yields above the benchmark. This means the more transactions are validated by your server the more you get as rental income. However, there are certain benchmarks we have in place, and if the server is not performing according to that benchmark, we can repurpose the server or upgrade it or sell it. This ensures a benchmark of performance and yield for every participant.
  3. The agreed rental yields with the firm renting your server: Every server we build goes in to fill an existing order. These orders have pre-agreed benchmarks as rental yields agreed aforehand with our partners. So, in a scenario where a benchmark is 2% of the server cost a month, we cannot offer any rental yields below 2%. In Masternoded our benchmark is 3% for three consecutive months, if this happens and we cannot meet this benchmark, then we will repurpose the server, upgrade or sell it off.

The above are the three dominant factors that determine the rental yields you get monthly. However, we must be fair and caution of the two risks we are faced with and that is hackers and government anti-blockchain policies. Any IT based business is faced with the potential threat of hackers and malware. In this light we have a dedicated IT security team that is consistently at work ensuring we are protected. We also routinely try all forms of ethical hacking techniques to ensure our systems are hacker-proof. As far as government policies go, we remain at the mercy of governments. However, it seems very unlikely that governments will ban blockchain IT services any time soon or in future.

Now to answer your question as to what your rental yields could be monthly, we give a guideline of 3-7% based on our past and benchmark. This is not guaranteed but acts as a guide. The smaller your server the close to 3% you get and the larger your server, the closer to 7% or more you get. The best month we have had so far was February 2021 where our clients received a rental yield equivalent to 19.2% of their server cost, and the least month we have seen so far has been 5% which was the month of May 2021.

We believe this should put you at ease of how much you could get as rental yields every month.

If you have further queries or questions please email us at [email protected] or join our Whatsapp group here: and on Telegram here:


See you on the passive income side.



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