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Commonly Raised Questions

Dear Partners and clients,
Over the past several months, we have been having similar questions from multiple clients, as a result we want to put these down with our response so you can have your questions answered before reaching out to us. Please make sure your question is not answered here before you reach out to us.

Questions about the company/operations
1) Where are you registered? Masternoded is registered in the Dominica Republic.
2) What do you do? We are a server rental company. We develop and rent out servers to people and organisations in the blockchain.
3) What do the people or companies do with the servers? Our servers help them store information, process data, confirm or validate transactions in the blockchain and also to govern the blockchain.
4) Are you a cryptocurrency fund? No. We provide the infrastructure on which the blockchain run, called servers.
5) Can you Explain in lay man terms what you do? Yes. Think of us as a landlord is in the real estate industry. We build the servers and people rent them. We collect the rental income and share with our co-owners which is you the client. This is because we use your money to buy and set up the servers using our expertise, algorithms and specifications that then allows the servers to validate the transactions and earn you money. So, every transaction validated by your server will earn a small fee, which we
collect and pay you.
6) How do you get the people to rent the servers? We currently have over 20 partners with projects in value of over $500m who are growing rapidly and are in need of servers regularly. So, we have partners already and many more are added monthly.
7) Do you already have a market or renters for the servers? Yes.

Questions on Yields:
1) How much will I be making a month? The rental yields vary from 3% to 7%.
2) What determines the rate of yield? The server size and volume of transactions done. You can also read this article here to understand more:
3) What is the least rental yield you have paid to clients per month? 5% has been the least but was because the server was also very very small. It was €100 server.
4) What is the maximum you have paid out a month as rental yield a month? 19.2% in February 2021. This was because the server was also large. It was to people with €100k plus.
5) How soon till I get my first rental income? 8 days from the day you fund your account, but they are accrued and paid out at the end of the month.
6) Are the yields the same if I have €1m or more? No. You get better yields that people with smaller servers or accounts.

Questions on Deposits
1) Can I deposit in Dollars or any other currency? You can but it will be converted into euros.
2) Can I deposit in BTC? Yes
3) Can I deposit in other crypto? NO.
4) What is the minimum deposit amount? €250
5) What is the maximum deposit amount? €250,000
6) What if I have more that €250k? Then contact us.
7) If I have more than €10m can you accommodate me? Yes we can.

Questions on Withdrawals:
1) When are withdrawals done? Between the 1st and 15th of each month.
2) How Long does it take to withdraw? All withdrawals are processed between the 8th and 10th of each month.
3) What is the minimum withdrawal amount? €100
4) What is the maximum withdrawal amount? The total balance of your account.
5) How long till I receive my first withdrawal? Once you make your first withdrawal between the 1st and 15th you will be paid the following month between the 8th and 10th and it will continue like that every month thereafter.
6) Are there any fees for withdrawing? Yes, if you withdraw via bank transfer or mobile money. But if you withdraw in BTC or Bitcoin, there are no charges.
7) When I withdraw how long till the money reaches me? It depends on the method you used. For BTC and Mobile Money transfers, you receive the same day, but for bank or wire transfers it may take up to 5 days.
8) Can I withdraw in a different currency? Yes, you can, but the funds with be converted into your local currency so you may receive less than what you withdraw as we don’t control the exchange rates.
9) Do I get exactly what I withdraw? It depends, sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on exchange rates between the time the money leaves us to get to you.
10) Can I compound my profits? Yes.
11) Can I withdraw my capital? Yes.
12) How soon can I get my capital back if I have an emergency? You can get it back within
72hours but there is a penalty for cancelling the contract early.
13) How long does it take before I can withdraw without any penalties? 6 months minimum.
14) What is the penalty for cancelling the contract and withdrawing early? This varies on server size, but it’s between 25% and 35% of capital.


Work From Home/Agents Questions:
1) What can I make working with you from home? This depends on your efforts and abilities.
2) What do I earn as an agent? You earn 10% commission on all the profits your clients make. So, if your clients make 100,000 a month, you will earn 10% of that or 10,000.
3) Do I make money any other way apart from commissions? Yes. You can also earn retainers if you reach certain targets.

See table below

Capital Introduced


% of Profits to agents
















4) Is this like a multi-level marketing scheme? No. You only get paid on your clients, not on people introduced by the people you introduced.
5) Is this related to MLM? No. we are a technology company, and whether or not you refer people, or work as an agent, you will still earn money on your servers.
6) Is there a set-up fee for working from home as an agent? No.
7) Must I own a server before working from home? Yes. Because without it we cannot keep track of your activities.
8) Can I run this as a personal business if I have other ideas to boost my earnings? Yes. But we must discuss it and come to a mutually beneficial stance.
9) Can I become your white Label? Yes. You can white label our solution.
10) What are the cost for White Labelling? These vary, speak to an agent.


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