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Hello everyone, today I will be exploring a few facts about the blockchain industry and introducing to
you a new group I call ‘crypto hodlers’. The objective here is simple: get as many involved in this
great opportunity of a lifetime.
Every generation is given an opportunity for wealth creation, first it was the generation of the early
men when fire was discovered, then came the iron age where we saw those involved with iron
works rise to positions of prominence, right down to the gold rush of the 15, 16 and 17th centuries,
along with coal and mineral mining of the 17th and 18th century.
As the 18th century drew to a close, we saw the rise of oil merchants and the 19th and 20th century
perfected this money making enterprise called ‘oil’ or the black gold. While all this was going on
great men like Amschel Rothschild perfected the banking and stock market sector and the 20th and
21st century reaped the benefits of stock investments.
Yet again as the 21st century was dawning we saw the rise of technology and how fast it rapidly
changed our lives. We saw the creation of trillion dollar companies and billionaires and millionaires.
Now, as we take a look at the last 10 years something else is happening, while men are moving
towards more sustainable ways of doing things, we also see the emergence of a great challenger
called ‘blockchain’ So far this challenger has created more millionaires that the industrial revolution
and the oil and gold rush epochs.
What then is ‘Blockchain’?
Simply put, it is a system used to record information in a way that makes it impossible to cheat. So,
the system keeps a record of all previously recorded information in a ledger format, in such a way
that if you want to change one aspect of the information, then you have to change all the
information or basically start all over.
Now the innovative thing about this is that this information is recorded in blocks and can only be
validated as true by multiple networks of people using servers. (these are the servers provided by
Masternoded) So one person cannot have monopoly over information. Now you may say why is that
important, this is very important in that it brings in a great depth of transparency in a way that has
never been seen especially in financial transactions.
Upto now, information has been horded by large corporations and governments and trickled down
like a drip to the population, but with the blockchain both the president and the farmer have access
to the same information. So, one cannot say to another 2+2 = 4 and the other will see 1+3 = 4. As
subtle as this is, think of the grand scheme of things as concerns your life.
Imagine you walk into a local coffee shop and use your credit card, you think you are sending money
directly to the coffee shop, but no, You send information to your bank to credit the coffee shop, by
the way the information you are sending is not directly from you, So the steps are in this way:
1) First you inform Visa/Master card you are making a purchase by tapping or using your
2) Visa/master card checks the information, if they like it, they determine their fee and then
send the details of the information to your local bank
3) Your local bank receives the information looks at it again, if they like it, they add their fees,
and then contact the intermediary bank which is usually a commercial bank, or a settlement
4) The settlement bank checks again and then apply a small fee and then contacts the coffee
shop’s bank and informs them of the incoming transaction.
5) The coffee shops bank receives the information and if they like it they also charge a small fee
and accept the money and then credit the coffee shop’s account.
6) The coffee shop then receives the net amount less fees.
Now as the information moves from one party to the other, fees are added and at any point one of
the parties can reject that transaction and the coffee shop owner won’t get paid neither will you
have your cup of coffee.
The blockchain takes away all these middlemen and allows you to send funds directly to the coffee
shop without any middlemen making it easier and cheaper for you to do business.
So, what then are cryptocurrencies?
Simply put, following the example above, a cryptocurrency is a means or method of transferring a
financial value from one user to another. The primary mode of such financial transactions in the
blockchain is called Bitcoin.
So, BITCOIN is a cryptocurrency or virtual currency used to transfer financial value from one user or
participant of the blockchain to another.
Here are some facts you need to know:
1) As of August 2021, over 70million people worldwide hold an active cryptocurrency
2) The US Government or FBI owns over 1.5% of all Bitcoins in the world.
3) Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin gave himself 1million Bitcoins and it is still
stuck in his wallet worth over 60billion dollars.
4) It is estimated that by 2030 the cryptocurrency market capitalisation will surpass 10
trillion dollars.
5) As of today, there are close to 250,000 masternodes (servers) online with a value of
about 22.5billion dollars compared to a mere 5billion 11months ago.
6) Did you also know that is one of the pioneering server rental
service providers in this growing market?
7) It is also estimated that the market value of the services provided by alone will top 5 billion dollars by the close of this decade. So
you are advised to join their server rental program.
Now that you know this, here is what we are doing, we have created a group that will maximise the
growth potential of this industry by investing in and also in cryptocurrencies
This group is called ‘CRYPTO HODLERS’ and the objectives are as follows:
1) Help and encourage the group members to save money weekly at least $10 a week. This
money saved will be invested in a crypto currency that will be communicated as a tip to
group members
2) To ensure that members of the group build a good researched based crypto portfolio from
now till 2030.
3) To share ideas on best cryptocurrencies to buy and hold and why.
4) To support the activities of and as they build servers
that will help members earn passive income monthly.
5) To ensure by the close of the decade through compounding profits and the continuous
investment of weekly savings of $10 every week, members will have a crypto portfolio worth
over $100,000 by 2030.
6) The group will be a forum to share ideas of what is making news in the crypto space.
To join on whatsapp here is the link:
Gerald Chiatoh.


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