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October Yields

Dear Masternoders, 
We are very excited to announce that the month of october has been a fantastic one for us as a company, this includes you our beloved clients as well. We paid out 8.52% as rental yields to our clients. Depending on your server size you got between 5% and 8.52%. This has brought our total yield for 2021 to 87.62 or 98.62% for those who compounded their yields.
Through out the month we saw increased activities in the blockchain industry with some cryptocurrencies making news like SHIBA INU one of our partner firms who rent servers from us. (Remember when we did a SHIBA INU campaign and gave out Free SHIB tokens?) well those who took advantage of that opportunity are still thanking us upto now.
The truth is this, The blockchain industry is here to stay, and cryptocurrencies are also here to stay. However, the massive and unimaginable risks we see in cryptocurrencies will make every reasonable investor to ask the question; How can I benefit from this without taking on the massive risks? 
Masternoded answers that question. Think of Masternoded as the rail ?lines not the train. This is so because trains and train companies may fail but every new train company that comes will still use the rail lines. 
Many cryptocurrencies have come and gone but servers are still here. That is why smart money, and wall street is investing in the undelying technologies of the blockchain industry. They invest in companies like who are building the infrastructure or the rail lines. This is the smart thing to do. No one wants to put money in a crypto currency that can fail before they wake up the following morning. example do you remember Oncoin? or Bitconnect? these coins were massive a few years ago but are no where to be found today. The same goes for many cryptocurrencies or projects that have dissapeared with millions of dollars.
The work we do at masternoded is the work that sustains the industry. 
So if you are still hesitant to register with masternoded and get involved in what we are doing, please do so before regret sets in. If you have been testing our servers out with a small amount, the time has come to take a step of faith. We will only get bigger. In the past 18months alone we raised over 80million euros. So rest assured people are taking advantage of the blockchain industry. 
The question is are you doing the same?
Now because you are special to us, here is a link to join an exlusive group on telegram, where we reveal some of the greatest opportunities in the blockchain industry that you can take advantage of. This group is only for those who have funded their accounts and want to dip their toes into cryptocurrencies. here:


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