General Questions

General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A masternode is cryptocurrency full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time, just like you have Bitcoin full nodes and is always up & running.

But masternodes are considerably different in their functionality than normal nodes because they perform several other functions apart from just keeping the full blockchain and relaying blocks/transactions as a full node does in Bitcoin/Litcoin.

Why Masternodes are the future of Cryptocurrencies:

Masternodes, provide the following usage to the blockchain ecosystem:

  • They Increase privacy of transactions across the blockchain.
  • Enable users to do instant transactions.
  • Allows users and node holders to Participate in governance and voting on the blockchain.
  • Enable budgeting and treasury system in cryptocurrencies.

Masternoded has been a private master-noding project since Summer 2018, and entered Beta-Test phase with invited participants at the end of October 2019 (See Beta page here). Since then, we lowered the minimum Rental Fee and opened the program to the public following the introduction of new team members.

Masternoded pays out a minimum 85% of the generated revenue to its members. That means we take a maximum 15% (often less) of the monthly profits as we assess the risks and rewards of new projects. We take less in less favorable months because we strive for a long term relationship with our participants. We aim for a consistent yield of 3-7% per month, but safety of the network and integrity of the servers is our first priority.

We have beta-tested our system for quite a while. Feel free to reach out to our beta testers (some of whom have put CONSIDERABLE sums into renting servers) and get paid regularly – on time… every time! Despite our headline rates, we are not trying to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, we are a community of crypto enthusiasts looking to grow together. Become part of the family. Join Now!

We are transparent, we show our identities and history on linkedin, we do what we preach and we dedicate ourselves fully to this project. We have already shown that we are creative and willing to expand the project aquiring sideprojects and even cryptocurrencies and exchanges to strenghten the network and leverage our projects together for more stable and even higher yields.

In time you will see, we came to stay.

A master node, like any other full node, is a node server within a network, and full nodes are important because they process transactions and store them in the blockchain.

However, a master node operator has rights beyond those of a normal full node operator, and is required to manage more critical tasks – bringing the operator higher rewards.

Yes and no. It started as a pure master-noding pool project, but grew along the way, so we adapted the business model. The profits now come not just from master-noding coins, but also from running our own crypto-currency projects (like Sapphire) with segregated teams, as well as receiving remuneration from our very own exchange (Heliobank), and we keep advancing real use cases for coins by adding more and more opportunities – strengthening the network that MasterNoded members profit from.

No, since the program is pegged against the EUR , what we do is we exchange your deposit into USDT (to keep the value stable) and then rent the servers plus exchange the usdt in the relevant coin (collateral needed to give the server masternode status) to initiate the noding process, thus starting to generate the yield!

With the generated coins we setup more nodes, or exchange them for other coins in other cryptocurrencies to diversify and set more nodes, growing our assets by the day. We keep doing this until we get a withdrawal request. We then change back the coins against btc and pay you out in btc.

Bitcoin is but a vehicle for us to transfer the “value”. The profits are always made against the Euro and calculated as such.

Since starting the public program, an Affiliation program to reward our members has been a feature. After registering with masternoded.com you will get a Referral/Affiliate Link that pays you 2.5% of whatever your referrals deposit …and not just for initial deposits – in includes subsequent deposits, too! This is an excellent opportunity to quickly grow your funds inside MasterNoded as well as being an easy way to earn start-up funding if you are low on assets! If you have any questions then please get in touch – we offer 1-on-1 training as well as custom tools to teach you.

We only take a maximum 15% of generated profits to cover the 24/7 monitoring, operation of the servers, assumption of liability for the stakes, and to provide us with some reward for our activities. We consider this to be very fair since other providers take 25% or more. The only other fee is for payments by bank transfer, where a charge of 2.5% is levied to cover our costs.

Since this is a crypto project, we prefer to accept deposits in Bitcoin

However, depending on your location, we can also accept USD and EUR via bank transfer and/or card payments (see the members area)

By default, the minimum to rent servers is EUR 250 and the maximum is currently EUR 250,000, but larger amounts are possible after direct consultation. Remember: after the rental fee has been received, we use a 7-day “grace” period to purchase node stakes and setup the servers. This is NOT an investment program or trading scheme. There is a lot of setup time involved, so we need those 7 days to properly position your servers in the marketplace. After 7 days you start accruing yield.

Compounding allows your deposit to grow very fast. Each Deposit is locked for 6 months minimum (This applies also for every compounded amount as its counted as a deposit in itself) . You can set inside the system with a slider how much you like to compound from 0-100% . It is entirely up to you. Some like to withdraw all earnings, some compound upwards for awhile and withdraw then, some go 50-50. Its your money so you decide!

We strive for optimal security and trustworthiness and handle your servers alongside our own ones with the same level of security. The masternoding process is straightforward and mathematical.. but attacks can happen and hackers are always trying to intrude in weak points. We are well equipped to withstand such treats but the danger is there and should be communicated.

Some cryptocurrencies can loose value quicker than new coins are generated.. we are very selective and with experience you learn what coins are worth noding and which are not.

Lastly since this has never been done in the history there could be unforseen circumstances happening and laws made that would prevent us from doing what we do (Force majeure).

Withdrawals can be initiated from the secure member area. Each withdrawal request must be put in place by the 15th of the month so we have time to dissolve the master nodes, terminate the servers and sell the stakes, so funds will be paid out to you on the 8th of the following month in Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is 100 Eur.

Earnings and total balance information can be viewed at any time from your secure member area.

Master-noding is not mining!

In recent years, mining has often been offered as an investment opportunity e.g. for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash.

This was very lucrative until 2017 when the number of new miners entering the arena ballooned. With more and more miners in competition with each other, the up-front cost of mining equipment and the enormous increases in energy consumption, mining has become quite unprofitable – especially when factoring in electricity costs, and the upcoming “halving” of Bitcoin will reduce those already-slim profits by 50%!

In addition, there are many scam offers from people who do not mine at all. Put simply, anyone who promises a mining yield above 2% per month is not being honest.

Master-noding has two huge advantages over mining, which combine to significantly minimize the risk:

  1. The initial cost of mining equipment must be earned back before any real profit is made because the equipment value is close to zero by the end of a mining rig’s life. By contrast, a master node earns money from day one, and the deposited stake (which is not touched) can be released immediately and paid out if the master node is switched off. True, the value of the staked coin can rise or fall in value, but we compensate for this with clever strategies.
  2. Since only minimum energy is needed to run a master node, losses are almost impossible (this is in total contrast to mining which is electricity-hungry) so, in practice, the only “risk” is that the expected yield might decrease.
If you have more questions contact us here.