You need a Web3 Wallet like Mestamask.io or TrustWallet.com as you can see on the screen below

You Need Some ETH for Gas Fees ; $15 - $40 Worth PLUS enough in the currency you want to use to buy $NODED Tokens (USDT, USDC, DAI ) for Now. ETH will be added soon.

NOTE: If you have only ETH or BNB or BTC then you have to convert or Swap these into USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20) or DAI (ERC20)


Go to ico.masternoded.com or masternoded.com and click on purchase Tokens or BUY NOW.

Click on purchase Tokens as you can see above

Once you click on Purchase Tokens, the website will automatically prompt you MetaMask Wallet to grant it permission to spend the amount you wish to spend on buying $NODED Tokens. You will then Click Next on Your MetaMask Wallet as seen below.


Once you confirm, wait a bit for the transaction to be confirmed.

Once you click NEXT above you then need to Approve ico.masternoded.com to take the amount ($5) as you see in the example above from your MetaMask or Wallet and convert to $NODED.

Once you click Approve Above wait a few seconds, and MetaMask will confirm the transaction. Once confirmed you will see a report as you bottom Left Saying Confirmed Transaction.

Note: This is just the first confirmation to approve the ICO site to take money from your wallet and NOT the actual purchase. 

Once confirmed as you see above, MetaMask will open up again for you to complete the BUY. As you can see in the picture below. All you need to do here is click confirm. This confirmation is for the ICO website to send you $5 worth of $Noded Tokens. 

Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation or success message from both ico.masternoded.com and the Blockchain or MetaMask. As you can see below


You can then check your wallet to see the $Noded Tokens. If they don’t appear, you simply need to import them as in the imaged below:

  1. Go to Import Tokens inside your wallet


Click on Custom Token then copy and paste the Masternoded smart contract address where you see Contract Address: Here is the contract address: 0xCa93A5d889e445CECb42E5386f7d516511d2820f